Language courses

We live in a time when mastering a language is no longer enough and we need to be more competitive. Therefore, knowledge of more languages is essential to have good job prospects but also to travel, expand our communication possibilities and also be a way to differentiate ourselves.

Before starting the course, students must demonstrate their knowledge of the language and complete a written test and an oral interview to determine their level. This test enables us to assign them to the most appropriate course always following the reference of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Our intention is to motivate the student to communicate in their chosen language through didactics adapted to their age range, learning pace and interests. In each session, we present a wide range of activities with the support of ICTs to work on each language skill. The working language is the chosen language at all times, both orally and in writing from the first level. As students progress, vocabulary and grammar become more complex, allowing students to achieve good communication skills and prepare for the more demanding future international exams.

The courses are focused on learning the language from real contexts and using the new language as a means of interaction. This way we provide the necessary tools needed to communicate effectively in many different situations.

Our courses are specifically developed to cover the main areas of the language: speaking, writing, reading, listening, and grammar and vocabulary. During the sessions, we present current affairs and everyday situations that will allow the student to apply the contents learned.

The classes are very entertaining and participatory and the activities are organised in a way that allows for a good combination of theoretical concepts, oral practice and written activities, although oral interaction is always promoted in a special way.

From the beginner level (A1) to the most advanced level (C2).


Students skills and progress is assessed throughout the course with an exam taken each term where they must demonstrate all their language skills. Subsequently, a personalised report is sent.

These classes can be done in small groups or individually (one-to-one).

They can be face-to-face at our facilities, at the student’s company and can also be done with the OnLive! Methodology.

The schedules are arranged with the students

Textbook with digital content. Free extra resources provided by the teacher.

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