Company training

STP Training has extensive experience in language and IT training for companies. Our aim is to provide our students with the necessary tools that allow them to function safely and effectively in their work environment, adapting the course content to the specific needs of the current or future job.

Before starting, a level test to determine prior knowledge of the language is taken and an analysis is carried out in order to adapt the training to the needs of the workers.

A proposal for the training plan is presented with the planning of the course, the timing and location of the training, to make a budget proposal adapted to the company.

We especially ensure good communication with the contracting company and we inform them regularly about the attendance of their workers, evaluation results and use (if required) and other aspects of interest.

Our in-company training methods pay special attention to the communication factor, the active and spontaneous participation and the motivation of the student. The programming is specifically developed to cover the main areas of the language: speaking, writing, reading, listening, and grammar and vocabulary. During the sessions, we present current issues and real situations at work that will allow the student to apply the content learned and communicate effectively at work, if it is a language, or apply the computer knowledge acquired.

All language courses follow the reference of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

We assess the skills and progress of students throughout the course. However, students take an exam each term where they must demonstrate all their language skills. Subsequently, a personalised report is sent.

These classes can be done in homogeneous small groups or individually (one-to-one).

They can be face-to-face at our facilities, at the student’s company and can also be done with the OnLive! Methodology.

The schedules are arranged with the students

Textbook with digital content. Free extra resources provided by the teacher.

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